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Renovation of the Villa Kawołecek Rajicku has been completed!

Renovation of the Villa Kawołecek Rajicku

Renovation of the Villa Kawołecek Rajicku has just been completed!

The renovated rooms and the interior of the building were adapted to the needs of our guests.
All rooms and suites have been renovated, equipped with modern televisions, wi-fi and furniture.
We prepared for guests excellent training room (mini gym) where you can spend time actively. We also have a Salt Cave and Sauna, where the body can regenerate and rest. We also have a TV broadcast where you can play playstation or watch television as in the cinema hall, the hall bar area with a big fireplace where you can in a larger group to have fun. There is also a dining area, which can be used as a hall for dances and games.
We warmly invite you to rest in the beautiful and picturesque surroundings of Podwilk village!