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About Us

About Us

About Us Our Villa Kawołecek Rajicku was established in 1997. We started our adventure from a small agritourist farm called “Nad potokiem”. This had a direct relationship with the location of the premises, which flows near a small stream.

Thanks to the motivation of our numerous clients, we have been able to expand the building to its present form. With this upgrade, we currently offer a comfortable stay 21 people. These rooms include: family apartments, double and triple rooms. All rooms are equipped with a TV and a bathroom with toilet.

Caring for a quiet holiday and the fun of our customers we adapt the attractions to the current weather conditions.

In the hot spring-summer days we offer escapades in the surrounding beautifully landscaped meadows and forests rich in mushrooms and forest fruits. For the more active we near the resort, bike trails and tourist. For those who prefer less active holidays, we recommend relaxing in our garden, by the pool, with a beautiful view of Babia Góra. There is also a barbecue area, a fireplace and a playground for children. An additional advantage will be the proximity of the Slovak border crossing which is located 30 km from the building.

On rainy autumn days we suggest to stay inside, where for our guests we have a bar with a fireplace, where you can prepare a tasty grilled dish and even bake a ram. Inside there is also a large hall that can serve as a dining room, a disco or a banquet hall, depending on the preferences of the guests. There is also a room with a fireplace, a TV and a projector.

About Us

Many attractions can also be expected in the winter. We offer our clients walking through the fabulous snow-covered areas, as well as ski and snowboard madness on the slopes located in the small distances (from 1 to 5 km) from the building. For those who do not like the snowy climate, we recommend trips to one of the many thermal pools or swimming pools which are located in close vicinity of the building.

On site we prepare tasty and healthy meals based on regional products. At our farm we also organize many organized events such as: Komunie, Baptism, Eighteen, Half Marks, Special Events, Integration Meetings.

We invite you all over the whole year!